Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beauty of Sound


Every thing we see everything we taste, all we hear,

Are reduced to electronic impulses in our brain,

Listening to trance drives my ganglion insane,

Glutamate released, a spark jumps the synapse

An electronic brainstorm in my brainstem.

My sinoatrial node responds, and releases Ca, Na and K,

The thyroid releases thyroxin and my heart starts a rocking,

Beating in a faster rhythm, more blood flowing,

Breathing quickens, airways dialate, so I don't asphyxiate

More oxygen delivered to my brain and I don't feel any pain.

An electric message sent from my brain begins its round trip,

Down a pyramidal neuron of my motor cortex,

Sent down the spinal chord, and my peripheral nervous system,

To the neuromuscular junction, releases calcium ions and actylcholine,

The muscle makes a concentric contraction and taps my foot to the beat.

This seems like an incredible feat, just moving my body to the beat,

Hearing the music, the rhythm so sweet,

So many movements, my dancing feet, elevated heartbeat,

My somatic nervous system leaves nothing to think about,

Just sit back and enjoy the auditory treat!

Friday, August 20, 2010

In August

The summer days are ending earlier
and my shadow draws long
as the sun flies across the sky
towards another summer passed by.

The mosquitoes buzz in my garden
around my red tomatoes
the watermelons are growing
and the figs are ripe and falling.

My basil went to seed the other day
the soft stems grow woody and stiff
the buds turn to flowers
and the leaves brown and drop away.

The hose is in the corner
coiled like a viper to strike
disconnected from the faucet
there is nothing that needs the its water.

The rains pour down from the heavens
and bring moisture to the soil
activating the seeds
and the roots of every weed.

And I sit in my lawn chair
and lean back with my tea
as summer comes to a close
and seasons juxtapose.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are all packets in the internetworkings of life
You are tcp
And I'm udp

You have a sequence
You have an order
You have connections
People can depend on you

I'm best effort delivery
I come in the order I please
I'm connection less
People know me best for VOIP

As two protocols so different
We pass each other on the
twisted pair highway day by day
I dream about what could be
As I fly by at nearly light speed

Waiting for the stars


Sitting here on the side of the road
Listening to the crickets call
Long after nightfall
Waiting for the stars to fall

Time moves slow
The moons yellow glow
when will the heavens start the show
Still waiting for the stars to fall

Waiting here with baited breath
Staring into the sky's immeasurable breadth
Watching for a meteors crashing death
As i sit and wait for the stars to fall

Clouds move in and obscure my sight
And I curse the heavens for my cloudy plight
I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow night
To see any stars that fall

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

night life

Outside my widow as i lay awake tonight
Mosquitoes buzz around the street light
Flowers sleep their petals closed up tight
And birds on their nest's too tired to take flight.

The stars glow softly, the moon is bright
Even the city skyline is a beautiful sight
People sleep and dream and forget their plight
As i lay awake in bed enjoying this night with delight!

for Ela